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my ex sent me pics of another girl sucking his weiner one time because he thought it would make me mad and i wrote back “did your mom do something different with her hair?” 

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Family added a sandbox to their baby’s grave so big brother could “play with” him when they visit the cemetery

Excuse me while I violently sob

This is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen on this goddamn website


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Valerie Hegarty, Sinking Ship

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even crying, she’s still beautiful <3

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Hyunzy love

jndskjsnkjdbskjb Suzy <333

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Hi! Here it is! sleepykyu@tumblr giveaways! Kyuhyun batch 1! :D
End Wednesday, 12 March’14, 12PM KST (yes KST)

The rule is simple, just reblog or like this post.
Before anything else, I love these stuff, so by reblogging/liking this post means you agree to love them as much as I do!
I’ll choose 4 winners, by random using generator. You don’t have to be an exclusively Kyu blog. You just have to love him lol
I’ll be sending through EMS to any part of the world. So anywhere you are, I’ll find you. Just make sure on 12 March your ask box is open.

The prizes:

  1. 2014 Secret Superfantastic Special Edition
  2. 2013 Secret Kyulendar + Happy Record DVD 
  3. A-CHA folder + Kyuhyun Star Collection Card Set
  4. OnlyGyuhyun’s ALL ABOUT GYU DVD set

i want it ♥_♥